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The crimes of the few lead to tyranny by the privilaged.

This one was snooped off Chris Pantano, a friend of the Collaborative.

Are you for REAL?

Bay Shore Gym – excuse me, Bay Shore "Athletic Club" – is a large floorplan space that has for over a decade attracted the blue collar gym rats south of Boston.  While the gym never purported to be a "heavy lifter's gym," they had a proletariate, down-home attitude that sought to be unbiased in who they allowed in the door.  Therefore, heavy lifters and gym freaks found a home among the suburban moms and average joes.

And it was one of the few places left on the Greater Boston landscape that still had the coveted dumbells to 150 lbs., full squat racks and lots of room for heavy-ass weight training.  

And then, recently, the sign pictured in this post appeared . . .

Now while their choices are frustrating to those who lift heavy in peace, I can understand the gym's frustration.  We all know it is true that a lot of twits break shit in some misguided bid to prove that their dicks aren't small.  Their ridiculous efforts in vanity leave the rest of us with broken equipment, gyms that are pissed off at those who lift big, and more conviction than ever that those original clowns indeed have, in fact, the tiniest dicks to begin with, all of which have gained no size via the process of throwing down their weights as if that was their intended purpose. 



Yes, I get all that.  But on the more compassionate flipside I have to say to the grumpy folks at Bay Shore that THIS IS JUST ONE OF THE OVERHEAD COSTS OF OWNING A GYM.  Shit breaks.  Like, all the time.  Did they not get a memo or something . . . ?  You can feel free to be pissed at idiots who break shit, but you can't be serious to think the reaction is to passive aggressively remove the broken items as repercussion.  This only punishes the whole community through which your gym makes profit.  

After all, consider of all the countless users of those dumbells who DIDN'T damage them.  Oh, wait, wait a sec, they probably can't imagine them . . . because those smarter types of lifters don't stand out!  And yet they, too, are now punished tyrannically for the acts of the few.

Besides, certainly dumbells are not as expensive to repair or replace as most other pieces of gym equipment which any (responsible) gym owner keeps funds to repair.  And even though Bay Shore is a notoriously blue collar (read: not wealthy) gym, it has nonetheless been in business long enough to be expected to figure out how to handle the blunders of a few twits who broke equipment.  

Yet this is a common theme.  Gym owners want to be business owners, but once the reality of what they business is all about sets in, rather than work professionally with their clientele they too often just take their (apparent lack of) balls and stomp home.