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We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


If you're competing in the Arnold, you kinda HAVE to see Arnold.

Best Snoop we've had in a LONG time!

Look CLOSELY at the dude rushing through the crowd in the track jacket with a red stripe.  Look familiar?

Gina Melnik (The Drive(n), 2008) has made our program proud-through-association for years.  From athlete to competitor to champion to coach and co-founder of New England Women of Strength, it's truly humbling seeing how far she's come.  And this weekend she is competing in the Arnold – arguably one of the highest prestige strength events in the world.  

But the real reason anyone should go to the Arnold's for their picture with Arnold.  Mission: accomplished.

Thanks Gina for taking a second and shooting us this dispatch.  One less item on the bucket list!