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Boston Next Step: Community-Driven action is the antidote for tragedy

We have a soft spot for any community who gathers out of common ideals of compassionate social good.  So we love the work of Lynn and Doug Julian, who created Boston Next Step, a community-driven organization committed to the ongoing recovery of survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013, as well as first-responders, friends and anyone affected by the tragedy.

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You do not need to be a giant to raise hopes as high as the sky.

This is a very cool Snoop, and one that we proudly captured on film ourselves.

#DoctorBeDancing is a young doctor in Boston who loves to dance and decided to just randomly bring a boombox in public, wearing his scrubs, and passing the hat. But instead of keeping the spare change and dollars for his own gain, he donates all of his raise money to charity.

One of the founding principles of The Next Level is to take your talents and passions and use them toward goals bigger than personal gains and accomplishments.

Everything you do is worth more than you imagine. And this guy totally represents that. 

Consistent practices. Universal lessons.

What helps us make room or more love?  

We live in a culture which praises aggression and accomplishments that we "do for ourselves." Yet those who are consistent and disciplined in a practice are graced with the ability to also create more generosity, more temperance, and more good.

Today's Snoop came from J.R. Hitchcock, and alumnus from the remarkable Next Level team, Epic.  It's a bit of inspiration that echoes the sentiment from above in a simple, charming way.

Many of us have seen stories and tales of the remarkable Mrs. Shepherd, but we honestly don't think hers is an example that can be too often mentioned. It's hard not to admire the message her work sends about how external aesthetics can marry with internal grace in a way that not only is without conflict, but to the mutual benefit of both.  

Strong Talk from Robert Kearny

We all love it when an athlete's work can parlay into cool impaction the greater world.  Sure, it's exciting when someone is remarkable within their sport, but there is something exciting when an athlete can transcend his practice.

This past year the very Snoopable Rob Kearney has been one of those athletes.  Unto himself he is plenty exciting, holding world record lifts and competing globally in StrongMan.  But his revelation to the world that he was in love with a man was what launched Rob's relevance beyond just his sport and into the stratosphere of notoriety.  

Recently, Rob competed at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival Strongman World Championships, and went on the Strong Talk podcast (produced by our equally-Snoopable buddy Kalle Beck from the fast-growing Starting Strongman). But the conversation became fascinating – and hence Snoopworthy.

Have a listen!

No matter how athletic you are, this video will still out-cool you.

This was a random Snoop from our buddy, personal trainer Yovanny, who posted it and we immediately all felt like we are slovenly bastards.  

Whenever pure athleticism is presented, it is natural to feel awareness of your own shortcomings creep to the front of your mind.  However, when that athleticism is not only something cool, but something rare, well, it's a whole new level of "I'm nuthin' but a lil guy" vibe.  These guys hit it so well they make roller-skates – the cliché of tacky – somehow look like the answer to coolness-acquisition.

We had to Snoop this in the name of showing how athleticism and being fit can be employed for WAYYY better purposes than just being athletic and fit.

Should we NOT be celebrating a woman's body just because it is fat?

The gorgeous woman who (once again) opens the debate about self-determinism versus industrialized beauty;  Tess Holliday .

The gorgeous woman who (once again) opens the debate about self-determinism versus industrialized beauty; Tess Holliday.

Our buddy Nick LeFabvre Snooped over to us an interesting debate he's interested in having about a hashtag making it's rounds in the fit-focused social networks (and beyond): #EFFyourbeautystandards.

The hashtag is intended to encourage women to self-define their own ideals of beauty, and to not attach too deeply to the marketed ideals of "industrialized beauty."  It was started by a plus size model Tess Holliday, who was signed to major modeling agency recently.  

Which is where Nick's post comes in.  He snooped us a contrary – and rather inflammatory – opinion on the matter from a fitness enthusiast named Brit Bliss.  (A model in the beauty industry, she chose the title  "public figure" on Facebook, so clearly is a woman of huge authority on the matter.  Eye-roll.)  While the message Holliday represents seems very healthy (not to mention savvy as heck), it turns sour when placed in the hands of Miss Bliss (oooh! now we get it!) and her "fit-chick" extremism.  She strongly that everyone thinks the same way she does, believing that fat is a bad thing no matter what and should be "fought against."  


While Nick noted to us his opinion that both women have balls for two entirely opposite reasons, he is mostly fascinated with what others think of this debate.  And that curiosity makes all of this double-Snoopworthy, because when a competitive bodybuilder – usually the stereotype of body-nazi-ism – is inviting a rational debate on self-image message, well,  it's something pretty nifty.  

Chime in; we're sure you ave an opinion on the topic.


Yet another f#cking reason to love Thug Kitchen.

Frown upon us for being juvenile and just liking all the swear-words, but we have always loved Thug Kitchen.  Their ability to boil down sensible and healthful eating to basics is clever and quick – and effective.  Meanwhile, their silly-yet-sublime work helps de-snobbify nutritional eating.  Someone had to wrest away from the Williamsburg-styled elitists the obnoxious mantle of fitter-than-thou eating, and the Thugs fight that battle on the forefront.

And with their new cookbook promotion they have once again given us a way to smile about how idiotic we are with our shitty food choices.  They produced a short, simple yet giggly trailer that will make you smile whether you are a fitness freak on a diet or a lard-ass with your hand halfway into a can of Duncan Hines frosting.  

Short, simple, slightly-naughty and always giggly is what thug Kitchen does best.  And they don't just do it for the ego thrills; they do it with a none purpose: bitch-slapping some common sense into our fucking retarded-ass attitudes about rad food choices!