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We will not discriminate.  (Although we will often poke fun.)


The Big Inside is back!

Click here to listen to the show

Click here to listen to the show

This show has had more incarnations than spandex.  It's The Big Inside, which has gone from a local radio drive-time show to a "fitness radio" comedy hour, and now independently as it's own podcast in the PhysiQulture Collaborative network.  

The launch of the new show brings a new format.  The Loose News, Belly Up and The Big Deal will now live in separate episodes, reducing the listening time and keeping things streamlined.  

The first episode features show's long-time returning guest Dr. Gina Melnik, and we talk about women in StrongMan and how the community that has evolved may be a unique and wonderful place for all women.  The discussion is driven by Gina's co-coordinating an all-women's StrongMan event, the Queen of the Summer Solstice StrongWoman, co-promoted by Ladies Lift Here and New England Women Of Strength at CrossFit Tuff in Nashua New Hampshire on June 20th.  

The Big Inside is also available in the iTunes Store.

Strong Talk from Robert Kearny

We all love it when an athlete's work can parlay into cool impaction the greater world.  Sure, it's exciting when someone is remarkable within their sport, but there is something exciting when an athlete can transcend his practice.

This past year the very Snoopable Rob Kearney has been one of those athletes.  Unto himself he is plenty exciting, holding world record lifts and competing globally in StrongMan.  But his revelation to the world that he was in love with a man was what launched Rob's relevance beyond just his sport and into the stratosphere of notoriety.  

Recently, Rob competed at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival Strongman World Championships, and went on the Strong Talk podcast (produced by our equally-Snoopable buddy Kalle Beck from the fast-growing Starting Strongman). But the conversation became fascinating – and hence Snoopworthy.

Have a listen!

2015 Next Level bodybuilding & strength contest calendar released!

It's back!  Our annual comprehensive regional listing of competitions!

For 15 years, every year, the collaborators at The Next Level have compiled this list for teams. BOTH strength AND bodybuilding events from around New England into one consolidated list,

But, not being selfish, we began sharing our list last year with the public.  

At last!  For those of you who want to both talk the talk (bodybuilders) AND ALSO walk the walk (strength athletes) you got one stop to sort out your calendar.

One handy little aspect is how we offer brief review on the contests, to help you with selecting.  We know this will ruffle promoters feathers, giving our frank opinions, but who cares?  None of it is biting or unkind, though, just candid; the result of our 15 years of alumni attending shows and offering opinions from one team to the next.  

Of course, when it comes to promoters, their thinking is too often thus: unless you sing their praises they assume you are somehow against them.  Not true.  besides, we're giving them free promotion by including them on our list, so we call it even.  I guess the lesson is to remember that there is an active and strong community of competitive athletes who are always watching and assessing contests from outside the gaze of the leagues, and passing those opinions on to the next generation.


The evolution of the muscle-guy satire: Anatomy Of Modern Lifting Bros

We have claimed many times here at The Snoop that the YouTube comedy duo Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunjan, (aka, "Mike & Gian") are among the sharpest satirists in America today. Recently, though, with their launch of self-sponsored sports supplements, their work has gotten a little too marketing-heavy, and some of the bite has softened in favor of pitch.  

Well, they prove to once again be smarter than the average meathead with their recent installment of Bro Science, starring their hilarious character Dom Mazetti.  Stephen Lee (Atlas) and Stephen Cyr (The Best) both Snooped this for us, and boy are we psyched!

What makes this installment great is how they are evolving Dom to keep with the times – and thus push the domain of their satire further.  They redefine the trend for "muscle bro," and in doing so erase the "us laughing at them" line. Their work often has it's brilliance in how no one gets left unscathed – including Dom himself – and this one is a return to form.  

Sorry strength guys: looks like you're just as goofy as your abs-loving, vanity-parading counterparts after all!

TAG! WE'RE IT! "Headline Of My Day" global comedy experiment

We got tagged in the latest round of internet meme-game:: the "Headline Of My Day" global comedy experiment.  So, we put XN put to the task of making ours "Snoopworthy."  And who is better to turn to for a good Snoop that can inspire a headline than our old buddy Matt Leblanc.  He was once again up to ridiculousness in his gym today.  (No shocker there.)

Considering all the project seems to be doing is trying to get people goofing and laughing, we at The Next Level can definitely get behind it.  The world needs more laughs.  

And if that isn't enough to convince you to play along, try this on for size
"Science" shows that laughter aids in healing.  
And healing aids in strength recovery.  
And strength recovery means bigger lifts and bigger gains, bro.  
So spreading the laughs is a good idea among lifters and athletes.

In case you're not familiar with the rules of the "Headline Of My Day" game:

  • Post a video of you reporting a (goofy) "headline" of your last 24 hours. (Either the biggest moment, or a snarky summary of the past day so far.)
  • Tag three friends in your post and challenge the to report their headlines of the day.
  • Those three friends have 24 hours to post and tag three more friends.
  • Include the hashtag #imadethenews