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Consistent practices. Universal lessons.

What helps us make room or more love?  

We live in a culture which praises aggression and accomplishments that we "do for ourselves." Yet those who are consistent and disciplined in a practice are graced with the ability to also create more generosity, more temperance, and more good.

Today's Snoop came from J.R. Hitchcock, and alumnus from the remarkable Next Level team, Epic.  It's a bit of inspiration that echoes the sentiment from above in a simple, charming way.

Many of us have seen stories and tales of the remarkable Mrs. Shepherd, but we honestly don't think hers is an example that can be too often mentioned. It's hard not to admire the message her work sends about how external aesthetics can marry with internal grace in a way that not only is without conflict, but to the mutual benefit of both.  

First Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott, Dies at Age 75

Be sure to read what was inspired by the death of first-ever Mr. Olympia winner Larry Scott, which is way better than our Snoop of the news.  He died on March 8, 2014 at age 75 due to Alzheimer's disease, which he was diagnosed in 2010.

In 1963 Mr. Scott became the first bodybuilder to win the title that sits at the center of muscle culture's media propaganda machine, the Mr. Olympia.  While it is arguable that the Mr. O is a title decided more by industry than by sport, it is nonetheless a very competitive and challenging title to achieve, even way back at it's inauguration.

Larry Scott had a long carer associated with bodybuilding and training, and was considered a legend among those very familiar with the sport.  He had a few bit roles in campy movies of the 60's, most memorably in the cult flick Muscle Beach Party.  Mr. Scott was iconic let the world some of the most memorable and inspirational imagery of the artistry of muscular physiques.

Thank you Mr. Scott, Mr. Olympia.  You will be missed, but may your legacy live on!

The first ever to win the Mr. Olympia in 1963.

The first ever to win the Mr. Olympia in 1963.

A legacy of iconic physique imagery.

A legacy of iconic physique imagery.

Best Euphemism For Gays Creeping on Bodybuilders for 2013

Can a pro get a little respect up in here???!

We just had to snoop this off of newly-turned professional; bodybuilder Nathan Partridge, a friend to the Next Level.  Nate recently turned pro via the OCB, and this morning posted what may be one of the most common discoveries made by new pros, even if rarely discussed:

"Step on a pro stage and your block list grow exponentially."
– Pro Bodybuilder Nathan Partridge

We at The Snoop are voting this as Best Euphemism For Describing Gay Creepers for 2013.  Hilarious and direct without being cruel.  We are athletes, not toys.  Well played, Mr. Partridge. 

We wil;l be doing our best to mail you an Award Ham as soon as our supplies replenish.