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One picture that may prove your belief in bodybuilding's golden era was a hoax.

What you thought was a real bodybuilding history isn't.  It was a contrived and profitable invention of one very clever man.  This pic kinda shows what we mean.

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Here's 5,000 years of making women feel like crap – in just 3 minutes!

The power of symbols and iconography of ideals is the trade and tender of all physique work.  Ideals are a base currency, and just like currency can be invested towards good, or pay for evil.

Women have definitely found themselves in the latter bracket since the dawn of city-centric civilization.  For 5,000 years women have been sent a message that their bodies are just not quite right, and thus are haunted by institutionalized beauty ideals which simultaneously subjugate and undermine women's ability to self-determine ideals within a society.

That is heady stuff.  And when you see how there have been so many of these ideals throughout history, you really get a sense of how false the idea of an "ideal beauty image" truly can be.

This nifty little video offers a glimpse of a handful of body ideals over the course of human history.  It's hard to tell if the clip isn't actually celebrating the concept of enforced idealism, but regardless of any dubious intent it sure is a fascinating glimpse.

First Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott, Dies at Age 75

Be sure to read what was inspired by the death of first-ever Mr. Olympia winner Larry Scott, which is way better than our Snoop of the news.  He died on March 8, 2014 at age 75 due to Alzheimer's disease, which he was diagnosed in 2010.

In 1963 Mr. Scott became the first bodybuilder to win the title that sits at the center of muscle culture's media propaganda machine, the Mr. Olympia.  While it is arguable that the Mr. O is a title decided more by industry than by sport, it is nonetheless a very competitive and challenging title to achieve, even way back at it's inauguration.

Larry Scott had a long carer associated with bodybuilding and training, and was considered a legend among those very familiar with the sport.  He had a few bit roles in campy movies of the 60's, most memorably in the cult flick Muscle Beach Party.  Mr. Scott was iconic let the world some of the most memorable and inspirational imagery of the artistry of muscular physiques.

Thank you Mr. Scott, Mr. Olympia.  You will be missed, but may your legacy live on!

The first ever to win the Mr. Olympia in 1963.

The first ever to win the Mr. Olympia in 1963.

A legacy of iconic physique imagery.

A legacy of iconic physique imagery.

And now: a bunch of diet history charts to freak you out. (Thanks, Seth.)

Seth Carbonneau Snooped this compelling article with a series of charts that show trends in human diet as compared to health trends.  In Seth's own words (which make for a perfect introduction):


I saw someone post this article and I was immediately about to condemn it for two reasons:

1. It's in a business journal; and

2. It is represented by a picture of eggs and bacon.

I was completely wrong.

I am a huge proponent of a whole food, local-as-possible, high-protein, high-fat and high-vegetable diet. This article reports the trends of food consumption, nutritional value, and human health over the past 30-300 years.

While correlation does not imply causation, these trends are significant and seem to show that there is a direct correlation between changes in diet and nutritional value of food to negative changes in human health.

This is enough for me to feel good about eating four or more local, omega 3 eggs with yoke (plus another 4 without yoke for the protein) with spinach and bacon for breakfast and 85% ground grass-fed beef with dandelion greens cooked in coconut oil for dinner!

(Disclaimer: I eat plenty of carbohydrates, including sugar, but they are timed around periods of intense strength and conditioning training)