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One picture that may prove your belief in bodybuilding's golden era was a hoax.

What you thought was a real bodybuilding history isn't.  It was a contrived and profitable invention of one very clever man.  This pic kinda shows what we mean.

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The Big Inside is back!

Click here to listen to the show

Click here to listen to the show

This show has had more incarnations than spandex.  It's The Big Inside, which has gone from a local radio drive-time show to a "fitness radio" comedy hour, and now independently as it's own podcast in the PhysiQulture Collaborative network.  

The launch of the new show brings a new format.  The Loose News, Belly Up and The Big Deal will now live in separate episodes, reducing the listening time and keeping things streamlined.  

The first episode features show's long-time returning guest Dr. Gina Melnik, and we talk about women in StrongMan and how the community that has evolved may be a unique and wonderful place for all women.  The discussion is driven by Gina's co-coordinating an all-women's StrongMan event, the Queen of the Summer Solstice StrongWoman, co-promoted by Ladies Lift Here and New England Women Of Strength at CrossFit Tuff in Nashua New Hampshire on June 20th.  

The Big Inside is also available in the iTunes Store.

Jacked, tan and ready for battle: Spartan warriors of "300" invade London's morning commute.

Everyone else is Snooping this publicity stunt pulled off in London, so even though the Snoop is jumping on a bandwagon, it's totally worth it.

A pack of bodybuilders dressed up - or rather barely dressed at all – took a morning commute on London's underground to promote theDVD and Blu-Ray release of the movie "300: Rise Of An Empire."  If you feel like you look your worst in the morning, London was not the place for you that day.

The original "300," acult classic among the gym-devout, was partly credited with further spiking the popularity in the CrossFit brand by bringing the idea of "warrior training for vanity" to the masses.  While the baby boomers had Schwarzenegger's Conan the Barbarian as the raw brute, muscled-up warrior icon ideal, the Millennials have many more to emulate – 300 more, to be exact.  The bar was thus set by the movie in the mid-00's on what a solid set of abs should look like and how near-nudity of a swole dude can be a totally casual fashion statement.  

This is how we all hoped bodybuilding would actually be like.

We have no idea what is going on in this video, but when we Snooped it we realized it is basically awesome.

Big trouble in the gym !!

If this video won't load properly click the link to see it in it's original form on Facebook.

Posted by BOXHAUS on Saturday, March 28, 2015

Some satires of muscleheads are content to merely mock us from afar.  Other satires are a conglomerate of in-jokes.  But every once in a while someone achieves both comedy heights at once – and does it stone-cold, straight-up, deadpan serious.  

If you ever felt awesome while working out with weights, this video will be the nicest wink and nod you have gotten in a long time.

So strong that you forgot how to poop right.

It's Friday at the Snoop, the day we either blow off or find stupid Snoopables to laugh at.  You're in luck because today we have the latter.

The pic here is from our buddy Matt Mills at Lightning Fitness. Apparently, in spite of training athletes who can squat upwards of 500, 600 and even as high as 800 lbs, they still can't seem to lift themselves up from, well . . . a squat.  

Further proof that lifters are inherently lazy by nature.  And they have epic poops.  

Power pooper.     Photo courtesy of Matt Mills from Lightning Fitness.

Power pooper.  
Photo courtesy of Matt Mills from Lightning Fitness.

The evolution of the muscle-guy satire: Anatomy Of Modern Lifting Bros

We have claimed many times here at The Snoop that the YouTube comedy duo Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunjan, (aka, "Mike & Gian") are among the sharpest satirists in America today. Recently, though, with their launch of self-sponsored sports supplements, their work has gotten a little too marketing-heavy, and some of the bite has softened in favor of pitch.  

Well, they prove to once again be smarter than the average meathead with their recent installment of Bro Science, starring their hilarious character Dom Mazetti.  Stephen Lee (Atlas) and Stephen Cyr (The Best) both Snooped this for us, and boy are we psyched!

What makes this installment great is how they are evolving Dom to keep with the times – and thus push the domain of their satire further.  They redefine the trend for "muscle bro," and in doing so erase the "us laughing at them" line. Their work often has it's brilliance in how no one gets left unscathed – including Dom himself – and this one is a return to form.  

Sorry strength guys: looks like you're just as goofy as your abs-loving, vanity-parading counterparts after all!