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Yet another f#cking reason to love Thug Kitchen.

Frown upon us for being juvenile and just liking all the swear-words, but we have always loved Thug Kitchen.  Their ability to boil down sensible and healthful eating to basics is clever and quick – and effective.  Meanwhile, their silly-yet-sublime work helps de-snobbify nutritional eating.  Someone had to wrest away from the Williamsburg-styled elitists the obnoxious mantle of fitter-than-thou eating, and the Thugs fight that battle on the forefront.

And with their new cookbook promotion they have once again given us a way to smile about how idiotic we are with our shitty food choices.  They produced a short, simple yet giggly trailer that will make you smile whether you are a fitness freak on a diet or a lard-ass with your hand halfway into a can of Duncan Hines frosting.  

Short, simple, slightly-naughty and always giggly is what thug Kitchen does best.  And they don't just do it for the ego thrills; they do it with a none purpose: bitch-slapping some common sense into our fucking retarded-ass attitudes about rad food choices!

Next Level Alumni win again with videos of Diet Theory workshops.

Bad jokes and good ideas: time to go back and watch and relearn.  Visit the Eating section of the Library and brush up on old info.

Bad jokes and good ideas: time to go back and watch and relearn.  Visit the Eating section of the Library and brush up on old info.

The Next Level is based on a community of legacy.  Just because teams disband or reorganize does not mean the community abandons the process.  And one of those "cool things' about the community is the way we can backtrack through our legacies to regain and review our growing knowledge and method base.

One of the most common areas of review is around diet strategizing.  While there are endless articles on the basic nuts-and-bolts mechanics of dieting, the athletes know that there is a necessary level of customization that can not be covered in static, printed articles.  Once you start talking about strategy, you start talking theory – and harnessing theory is an area Next Level athletes kick much butt.  

In the Library section of the website, video capture of a recent Diet Schema workshop was published alongside some packets that are familiar review for Next Level athletes.  

Once again, community has it's privileges.  Being part of a growing collaboration of mutual exchange is an innovative idea out there in the "field," and while The Next Level continues to churn away in small and humble ways, it's cool that the example comes with more perks than just a sense of pride.  

And now: a bunch of diet history charts to freak you out. (Thanks, Seth.)

Seth Carbonneau Snooped this compelling article with a series of charts that show trends in human diet as compared to health trends.  In Seth's own words (which make for a perfect introduction):


I saw someone post this article and I was immediately about to condemn it for two reasons:

1. It's in a business journal; and

2. It is represented by a picture of eggs and bacon.

I was completely wrong.

I am a huge proponent of a whole food, local-as-possible, high-protein, high-fat and high-vegetable diet. This article reports the trends of food consumption, nutritional value, and human health over the past 30-300 years.

While correlation does not imply causation, these trends are significant and seem to show that there is a direct correlation between changes in diet and nutritional value of food to negative changes in human health.

This is enough for me to feel good about eating four or more local, omega 3 eggs with yoke (plus another 4 without yoke for the protein) with spinach and bacon for breakfast and 85% ground grass-fed beef with dandelion greens cooked in coconut oil for dinner!

(Disclaimer: I eat plenty of carbohydrates, including sugar, but they are timed around periods of intense strength and conditioning training)

Cheap fish protein vs. "oily anal leakage"

Normally at The Snoop we don't love the paranoia mongering of the typical media food industry reports.  However, a recent report by The Atlantic about mislabeled tuna involves . . . well, it involves "oily anal leakage," so naturally we grabbed right on to it.

Surprise!  It's not tuna at all!

Surprise!  It's not tuna at all!

Politics aside (if you can even put aside the creepy implications of mislabeled food), this is one of those protein stories that athletes and lifters and bodybuilders need jammed down their skulls, not to mention the fad "healthy eaters" who just think anything other than a hot dog is "healthy protein."  It's one thing for a label to be a little off, but the findings here were on the shocking order of a tuna fish spit-take.  

The money shot comes from what was being called tuna and labeled and sold as such.  Escolar will give you the runs – hardly a health boon – and is the white fish which tons of fish in markets and restaurants are actually serving up.   

I couldn't point out escolar if it came up and bit me.  However, I have a feeling we have all "felt" escolar leaving us from time to time. 


They're back, fatties!

Coaching in the PhysiQademy and Next Level espouses balance.  Even at the extremes of contest prep, there has to be a rational sense of balance in order to not bail out.  It's called the Theory Of Joy, and while many executions based on this theory have been just as questionable as the extreme misery of popular competitive methods, when the Theory of Joy is applied well, it yields profound results.  

In this spirit, we happily announce a small bit of pleasure that often sits quietly in the armada of people's sense of joy: the humble Twinkie.  Is it baked or just "molded?"  Who knows.  Does it last millennia or can it go bad?  No one cares.  All we know is that last fall (November 2012) it was announced that they were going extinct along with Hostess Brands' other naughty confections.

Well, friends, there's hope!  The Twinkie is BACK!  And this time with a longer shelf life!  The mighty yellow sugar-sponge returns to store shelves (gradually) starting July 15, 2013!

So get ready to break your diets – or supplement your joy – to your hearts content.  No more need to hoard!