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Should we NOT be celebrating a woman's body just because it is fat?

The gorgeous woman who (once again) opens the debate about self-determinism versus industrialized beauty;  Tess Holliday .

The gorgeous woman who (once again) opens the debate about self-determinism versus industrialized beauty; Tess Holliday.

Our buddy Nick LeFabvre Snooped over to us an interesting debate he's interested in having about a hashtag making it's rounds in the fit-focused social networks (and beyond): #EFFyourbeautystandards.

The hashtag is intended to encourage women to self-define their own ideals of beauty, and to not attach too deeply to the marketed ideals of "industrialized beauty."  It was started by a plus size model Tess Holliday, who was signed to major modeling agency recently.  

Which is where Nick's post comes in.  He snooped us a contrary – and rather inflammatory – opinion on the matter from a fitness enthusiast named Brit Bliss.  (A model in the beauty industry, she chose the title  "public figure" on Facebook, so clearly is a woman of huge authority on the matter.  Eye-roll.)  While the message Holliday represents seems very healthy (not to mention savvy as heck), it turns sour when placed in the hands of Miss Bliss (oooh! now we get it!) and her "fit-chick" extremism.  She strongly that everyone thinks the same way she does, believing that fat is a bad thing no matter what and should be "fought against."  


While Nick noted to us his opinion that both women have balls for two entirely opposite reasons, he is mostly fascinated with what others think of this debate.  And that curiosity makes all of this double-Snoopworthy, because when a competitive bodybuilder – usually the stereotype of body-nazi-ism – is inviting a rational debate on self-image message, well,  it's something pretty nifty.  

Chime in; we're sure you ave an opinion on the topic.


The only thing worse than misogyny, rape and violence is creatine.

Creatine will make you insane enough to murder in cold blood.  At least according to the crack reporting of the online tabloid, The Mirror.  The shitfest of an online "news" report claimed that a friend of killer Elliot Roger "noticed a sinister change in him after he started to take creatine."

This is journalism?  (Photo from The Mirror.  Link withheld under ethical protest.)

This is journalism?  (Photo from The Mirror.  Link withheld under ethical protest.)

This offensive-to-no-end report is not just the best scapegoat yet to avoid facing the reality of the twisted gender ideals society upholds, which play a huge factor in the behaviors of the otherwise deranged.  (Tell a crazy women are to blame, and guess what that crazy's gonna do, right?)  This is also the most hilarious takedown of sports supplements yet.  "It wasn't his mental state that drove him to atrocity.  It was the amino acids."  

Creatine drove a man to commit murder.  


Every once in a while the gods of Comedy In Sports Supplements (which are among the measliest of gods up there) grant us all with a gem that needs no write up, no take down and no sideways glance.  The idea that creation is the root of a crime this horrific – the fact that anyone could even suggest this – is not only nauseatingly derisive and cruel to the survivors of the victims, disrespectful to athletes and the industry they work with, it is also just plain hilariously idiotic.  

(Wait – did we just defend the supplement industry?  We better check our stevia levels; it could be making us crazy!)

We Snooped this today and were shocked.  But you're probably already wondering: "Hey, Snoops! Why haven't you provided us a link to the news story?"  Well this was debated back and forth; to provide a link backs up what we are saying, but it also provides traffic to The Mirror.  We kinda don't think they deserve that help.  Their sponsors and their staff should be ashamed, not rewarded with extra clicks.  So if you want to find it, just Google "California Shooting: British serial killer Elliot Rodger was hooks on bodybuilding supplement pills." If you help the Mirror with traffic, that's on you.  Maybe we're acting extra prudent, but can you blame us.  We just started using vitamin C pills.  KOO KOO BANANAS!


Water is important for weightlifting and bodybuilding success.
It's also pretty crucial for dieting success.
In fact, let's be real: it is a must for any athletic endeavor.
And actually it is crucial for anything that has to do with any aspect of all life whatsoever.

So, thank the gods of physical fitness that water is totally free.

Oh wait a second . . . I said "free."  Scratch that.  because, if the head sociopath corporate greedmonger over at Nestlé Foods has his way, the stuff that falls liberally from our skies would all have a price tag.  

That's right, this hugely powerful man has stepped forward to say that water should not be free for humans at all, and every last one of us should be paying money for water, in spite of the fact that it is so plentiful it can enter our bodies literally by accident.

Sound messed up?  It's totally true: just check out the video.  This guy really thinks no water should ever be free.  

And the scariest part is that he has enough money and power to tip political scales.  His company is bigger than many major cities, and he has more money than Oprah holding a winning Powerball lottery ticket.  This guy can literally buy his way if he wanted to.

(Feel free to start vomiting out of sheer horror right now.)

This was snooped off of Next Level athlete Corey Bruckler, whose bodybuilding and Strongman contest prep obliges him to keep a watchful eye on the ridiculousness of the food industry.  He is like our own musclebound atrocity watchdog.  Thanks Corey.

Maybe NOW you'll start paying attention to the bees . . .


Here's another chiller for anyone who likes decent food – which I am assuming is anyone who is athletic and promotes responsible health.

This time it involves the bees.  Why should anyone give a crap about bees?  Well, considering nobody gets to eat anything unless bees do their work, it's damn important.  Science has not yet found a way to do the work of bees at the speed, efficiency and precision which they perform.  Obviously, we're all up shit's creek if the bee populations collapse.   Without healthy bees you can kiss your carb sources goodbye, your healthy vegetables sayonara and your protein adieu.

And at the center of it is who else? Corporate mega-villain Monsanto, whose "pesticides" also impact bee populations dangerously.  But who cares – they're making a buck, right?

But there is a super-scary twist to this round of nasty.  Seems Russia wants nothing to do with Monsanto or it's evil twin Syngenta because of the global impact these companies have on bee population collapse.  Basically, Monsanto and Syngenta are causing food production crisis while making money off food dispersal monopolies, and now their inhuman tactics threaten Europe and Asia's food production.

No wonder Russia is pissed.  Can you blame them? These companies are, quite literally, taking food from their mouths.

But here's the kick in the proverbials: Russia wanted to discuss this rationally and yet Mr. Obama refuses to cooperate!  Bad move with a nuclear power, Mr. President.

Please read this link and stay informed.  We must keep the bees safe if we plan on eating well.

The crimes of the few lead to tyranny by the privilaged.

This one was snooped off Chris Pantano, a friend of the Collaborative.

Are you for REAL?

Bay Shore Gym – excuse me, Bay Shore "Athletic Club" – is a large floorplan space that has for over a decade attracted the blue collar gym rats south of Boston.  While the gym never purported to be a "heavy lifter's gym," they had a proletariate, down-home attitude that sought to be unbiased in who they allowed in the door.  Therefore, heavy lifters and gym freaks found a home among the suburban moms and average joes.

And it was one of the few places left on the Greater Boston landscape that still had the coveted dumbells to 150 lbs., full squat racks and lots of room for heavy-ass weight training.  

And then, recently, the sign pictured in this post appeared . . .

Now while their choices are frustrating to those who lift heavy in peace, I can understand the gym's frustration.  We all know it is true that a lot of twits break shit in some misguided bid to prove that their dicks aren't small.  Their ridiculous efforts in vanity leave the rest of us with broken equipment, gyms that are pissed off at those who lift big, and more conviction than ever that those original clowns indeed have, in fact, the tiniest dicks to begin with, all of which have gained no size via the process of throwing down their weights as if that was their intended purpose. 



Yes, I get all that.  But on the more compassionate flipside I have to say to the grumpy folks at Bay Shore that THIS IS JUST ONE OF THE OVERHEAD COSTS OF OWNING A GYM.  Shit breaks.  Like, all the time.  Did they not get a memo or something . . . ?  You can feel free to be pissed at idiots who break shit, but you can't be serious to think the reaction is to passive aggressively remove the broken items as repercussion.  This only punishes the whole community through which your gym makes profit.  

After all, consider of all the countless users of those dumbells who DIDN'T damage them.  Oh, wait, wait a sec, they probably can't imagine them . . . because those smarter types of lifters don't stand out!  And yet they, too, are now punished tyrannically for the acts of the few.

Besides, certainly dumbells are not as expensive to repair or replace as most other pieces of gym equipment which any (responsible) gym owner keeps funds to repair.  And even though Bay Shore is a notoriously blue collar (read: not wealthy) gym, it has nonetheless been in business long enough to be expected to figure out how to handle the blunders of a few twits who broke equipment.  

Yet this is a common theme.  Gym owners want to be business owners, but once the reality of what they business is all about sets in, rather than work professionally with their clientele they too often just take their (apparent lack of) balls and stomp home.