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What all bodybuilders want to be when we grow up.

We Snooped this incredible video of the amazing bodybuilder, 70-year old Sam "Sonny" Bryant Jr. off of (arguably also amazing) drug-free bodybuilder Matt Young.  

The dude in the video is 70 years old.  And looks better than most guys look in their late 20's.  And he competes in drug-free bodybuilding contest.  Where he also beats dudes in their 20's. Let us now all recount our excuses and have ourselves a moment of personal shame . . . 


Good, because this guy proves one of The Next Level's coaching foundations: specifically that the best bodybuilder are not the best lifters; they are the best healers. Let's repeat that so it can REALLY sink in:


Kicking ass.  Showing young'uns how it's done.  

The idea that bodybuilding is a "fountain go youth" comes from the ideas that the art and science of bodybuilding philosophically revolve around the principle of adaptive healing after gradually increasing damage.  And growing old is a "gradually increasing damage" to the body.  Which is why men like Sam  Bryant Jr. still compete in bodybuilding at 70 – and still kick ass.

This is one edge that bodybuilders will have if they are smart in their craft.  So Mr. Bryant's example is not only a marvel, but an education.  mastering how the body heals itself on a day to day basis, of your own abilities, is what gives a bodybuilder longevity not only in his sport, but apparently in his life!  (Side rant: we'd like to see guys on pharmaceuticals and 'roids try this stunt!  After all, merely healing the body's own healing energies is not the same as developing and adapting a body that heals efficiently on it's own.  In fact, it retards this adaptation.)

I think at 70 he's earned the right to rock the old school striped 80's  singlet.  

But most of all, if a dude who's 70 can look this good in micro-spandex, well, then that is clearly an argument both in favor of having some fun with how you dress, as well as just how that kinda look really is for those who worked decades to achieve it.  

I think we found a new bodybuilding hero.