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Jacked, tan and ready for battle: Spartan warriors of "300" invade London's morning commute.

Everyone else is Snooping this publicity stunt pulled off in London, so even though the Snoop is jumping on a bandwagon, it's totally worth it.

A pack of bodybuilders dressed up - or rather barely dressed at all – took a morning commute on London's underground to promote theDVD and Blu-Ray release of the movie "300: Rise Of An Empire."  If you feel like you look your worst in the morning, London was not the place for you that day.

The original "300," acult classic among the gym-devout, was partly credited with further spiking the popularity in the CrossFit brand by bringing the idea of "warrior training for vanity" to the masses.  While the baby boomers had Schwarzenegger's Conan the Barbarian as the raw brute, muscled-up warrior icon ideal, the Millennials have many more to emulate – 300 more, to be exact.  The bar was thus set by the movie in the mid-00's on what a solid set of abs should look like and how near-nudity of a swole dude can be a totally casual fashion statement.