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Boston Next Step: Community-Driven action is the antidote for tragedy

The idea that community can drive change and action is a founding principle of The Next Level.  On the surface, our teams look like a bunch of goofy muscle heads, lifting and competing and getting wild.  But in truth we work to engender strong community development, and the leadership skills to enact positive social impact via our community.

Obviously we have a soft spot for any community who gathers out of common ideals of compassionate social good.  And you may or may not know that our founder and head coach, Christian Matyi (a/k/a, "XN") was directly affected by the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy in 2013.  Some local neighbors of his, Doug and Lynn Julian, were also at the tragedy, and have been deeply moved to create a community of support, understanding and resource to help the ongoing recovery for the individuals in Boston.

The Julians' work has led them to founding Boston Next Step, which has a mission of promoting understanding and recovery for survivors, by survivors, as well as friends, first-responders and all those affected by this tragedy.  

Please go check out their work, and contribute a thought, a donation or some support. Equally importantly, go "like" their Facebook page to help them get some traction for their tireless and inspirational work.

Thanks so much, Doug and Lynn, as well as to all those partnered into your excellent work!