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The evolution of the muscle-guy satire: Anatomy Of Modern Lifting Bros

We have claimed many times here at The Snoop that the YouTube comedy duo Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunjan, (aka, "Mike & Gian") are among the sharpest satirists in America today. Recently, though, with their launch of self-sponsored sports supplements, their work has gotten a little too marketing-heavy, and some of the bite has softened in favor of pitch.  

Well, they prove to once again be smarter than the average meathead with their recent installment of Bro Science, starring their hilarious character Dom Mazetti.  Stephen Lee (Atlas) and Stephen Cyr (The Best) both Snooped this for us, and boy are we psyched!

What makes this installment great is how they are evolving Dom to keep with the times – and thus push the domain of their satire further.  They redefine the trend for "muscle bro," and in doing so erase the "us laughing at them" line. Their work often has it's brilliance in how no one gets left unscathed – including Dom himself – and this one is a return to form.  

Sorry strength guys: looks like you're just as goofy as your abs-loving, vanity-parading counterparts after all!