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Scientific proof that men are stupid!

While The Next Level and PhysiQulture Collaborative hang their hat on all things physique related, that concept can be stretched pretty far out into related territory.  For example, the cultures surrounding the gym, lifting and physique sports have always had a predominantly male (or should we say, concertedly macho) vibe, and thus concerns of gender and culture fall squarely into our terrain.

With that, we present this article about this report about how men who work in science don't seem to understand that there is a gender bias, even though there is scientific data backing the idea that these biases exist men's refusal to believe there is such a thing as predominant gender bias in society.  To be fair, it is not ALL men, but just the ones 

You read correctly: even when faced with factual evidenced, men in STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) still predominantly seem to think there ain't no gender bias.  Because, you know, men are stupid.