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Meet the next amazing Next Level team: SPRING 2015!

One has shorter shorts than you.  
One studies "shredology."  
One has more names than days of the week.
One has no idea how big he is.  
One's just happy to be here.
And then . . . there's "The Twins."

The seven men who make up the Next Level's newest team are an incredible bunch of dedicated guys "in it for the long haul."  Distinguished as the youngest Next Level team ever (the oldest member is only 22!) you would never guess it by the size and quality they bring.

They have already begun setting their contest goals, and will be competing throughout the winter and into the Spring, learning and leading along the way.

The team is also getting very involved with the PhysiQulture Collaborative's efforts to expand the discussion on the power and pertinence of physique semiotics in social discourse – a fancy way of saying they want to expand the way folks think about training, the body and it's meaning in the world.  

But don't let those lofty, academic ideas fool you, these guys are down and dirty athletes.  They are managing data gathering and learning principles at a rapid rate, and are moving at a similar, brisk pace as the old days of Next Level version 1.0 (2004 - 2007).

Check out their page for blog updates ad to see when they'll be competing next.  The next generation of the program has arrived!