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Only at a bodybuilder's wedding is this appropriate on the dance floor.

The community built around The Next Level is remarkable.  It's always awesome to see how the athletes who make this program great still bond and become part of the fabric of each other's ongoing lives long after their teams have disbanded.  

Sound noble?  Yeah right.  In the end it's basically a punch line:

Q: "What do you get when a bunch of strength athletes and bodybuilders attend their buddy's wedding?"
A: "A well-dressed dance floor workout."


And thus it was when Chris Brown (Pandemonium, '07) married his figure competitor wife, Cecilia.  Chris made the classic move of inviting many of the Next Level alum from all different years and teams.  

But one thing about Next Level athletes: if there's a way to have a laugh using their muscle, they are the one's at the root of it.