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Bodybuilder Doug Miller wins the Jay Cutler Classic: did natural just beat the steroids?

The Snoop had to go deep inside the competitive world and cover this one.  of course, if you care about competitive bodybuilding, this is already old news:

Doug Miller, the bodybuilding competitor considered the most accomplished drug-free competitor currently in the world, just won the NPC Jay Cutler Classic, a competition regarded as one of the most steroid-heavy events in the game.  The self-proclaimed natural guy just beat all the dudes who have all the steroid technology at their disposal.

What the what the?

Now, many obviously rush to the fore to doubt whether Miller is truly drug free.  There is no way of knowing for certain, and there are tons of rational argument speculating either possibility.  But there is no diminishing the importance of the claim itself.  

Whether Miller is a perpetrator of dubious claims or wholesome as the day is long is not the point.  What we have to pause and take note of is how many involved with the competitive sport have paused and taken a collective in-breath.  Miller is putting forth an important point, and one that is also challenging for many.  if the drug-free guy just won a traditionally steroid-heavy event, then maybe steroids are not the only way to earn world acclaim and "elite status" (god we loathe that cliché'ed term) as a bodybuilder.  That's a pretty motivating and inspiring idea.

Click here to watch the winning interview.

Click here to watch the winning interview.

Doug Miller was interviewed right after the competition with 4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler himself, right after the contest.  The lack-of-insight-fest ensued here in a video posted on Flexonlinecom.  The two say all the scripted lines and "correct answers" you might expect,but feel free to watch anyway.  Miller runs through the list of thank-you's; Cutler ties to insinuate that the only path is the IFBB; yadda, yadda, yadda.  

The interview has no mention of why this might be important to anyone other than Miller (and his fans).  There's no insight into what this might imply about drug free work or the falsehood of steroids.  There isn't even any analysis of just exactly what makes Miller unique as an athlete.  Which is all frustrating because, if Miller truly is the most gifted bodybuilder on the planet, you'd think you'd get a little more meat than just what the typical meathead says.  

But regardless of the interview, the moment has come again for us all to reconsider what drug-free bodybuilding might be.  Believe it or not, the natural guy just toppled a perceived giant.  And that's a very important thing to note indeed.