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TAG! WE'RE IT! "Headline Of My Day" global comedy experiment

We got tagged in the latest round of internet meme-game:: the "Headline Of My Day" global comedy experiment.  So, we put XN put to the task of making ours "Snoopworthy."  And who is better to turn to for a good Snoop that can inspire a headline than our old buddy Matt Leblanc.  He was once again up to ridiculousness in his gym today.  (No shocker there.)

Considering all the project seems to be doing is trying to get people goofing and laughing, we at The Next Level can definitely get behind it.  The world needs more laughs.  

And if that isn't enough to convince you to play along, try this on for size
"Science" shows that laughter aids in healing.  
And healing aids in strength recovery.  
And strength recovery means bigger lifts and bigger gains, bro.  
So spreading the laughs is a good idea among lifters and athletes.

In case you're not familiar with the rules of the "Headline Of My Day" game:

  • Post a video of you reporting a (goofy) "headline" of your last 24 hours. (Either the biggest moment, or a snarky summary of the past day so far.)
  • Tag three friends in your post and challenge the to report their headlines of the day.
  • Those three friends have 24 hours to post and tag three more friends.
  • Include the hashtag #imadethenews