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Yet another f#cking reason to love Thug Kitchen.

Frown upon us for being juvenile and just liking all the swear-words, but we have always loved Thug Kitchen.  Their ability to boil down sensible and healthful eating to basics is clever and quick – and effective.  Meanwhile, their silly-yet-sublime work helps de-snobbify nutritional eating.  Someone had to wrest away from the Williamsburg-styled elitists the obnoxious mantle of fitter-than-thou eating, and the Thugs fight that battle on the forefront.

And with their new cookbook promotion they have once again given us a way to smile about how idiotic we are with our shitty food choices.  They produced a short, simple yet giggly trailer that will make you smile whether you are a fitness freak on a diet or a lard-ass with your hand halfway into a can of Duncan Hines frosting.  

Short, simple, slightly-naughty and always giggly is what thug Kitchen does best.  And they don't just do it for the ego thrills; they do it with a none purpose: bitch-slapping some common sense into our fucking retarded-ass attitudes about rad food choices!