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Where will those Next Level teams compete next?

The Next Level teams don't hit EVERY contest.  Nor do they try to.  They instead try to consolidate their contest participation for max number of teammates.

And they just listed their calendar of POTENTIAL events that they MAY be going to.  This is a mishmash of all the physique sports – both bodybuilding and strength events all lined up together. (Hard commitments from the teammates are forthcoming; these are just the ones they have chosen to consider.)

The teams and alumni look at the entire year when choosing their events.  They gauge when strength competitions fall and balance those needs against when bodybuilding contests happen.  They look at location, timing and the scale of the vent.  They pay close attention to the countless reviews the ten years of alumni have given on various events, and evaluate the commentary on contest organization, mood and integrity.

The list isn't at all exhaustive for what's in the area.  Nor is it comprehensive (there are no mud runs or CrossFit events that teams currently focus on at all, for example).  But it is nonetheless the list that athletes and alumni all refer back to as the year rolls on.


If you run an event - StrongMan, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting or Powerlifting – in the Greater New England area (yeah, parts of New York count), and you think the teams of The Next Level should consider entering, please let us know right away!  

Remember, Next Level Athletes are in training for goals that extend far beyond competition successes.  Events are looked at in terms of what they can help athletes learn, not based on whether they can be won.  

Keep in mind, too, that sometimes the distance travelled and organizing of a group mitigates interest in an event that is not extensive.  Smaller events may not always get our arrival, but that is most often because of logistics, not disinterest.