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Worth watching just to see how pathetic bodybuilders look running.

The new Superbowl commercial from GoDaddy that we're Snooping today has what may be the largest gathering of shirtless monster bodybuilders all doing the same thing on film.  But more than that, it also inadvertently reveals when the line of "too much pharmaceutical-grade enhancement" gets crossed.

We've seen seen three-legged stray dogs run with more grace and coordination than these over-juiced bodybuilders.

But whatever.  The commercial is fun.  And it's always a mind-blow when you see that much ridiculous muscle all at once.  

Making this commercial worth it.  But just barely worth it, in spite of the lousy, belittling stereotype affirmed.  

Get a foam roller, already, will you clowns???

And here's a little Snoop Bonus:

I guess GoDaddy made a "behind the scenes" clip reel of the filming of the ad.  They wanted to have their spokesmodel, Danica Patrick, running along with the herd of beef.  But they wanted her to look like a bodybuilder.  So rather than inject her like crazy – which is what apparently most of the other men in this ad did to prepare – they just fit her with a full-body prosthetic suit.  So she would stand out.  Because, you know, THAT is totally what people would focus on.