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Your lifting shoes stink!

What kind of shoes are you lifting in?  Not "what shoes do you exercise in?"  Not "what shoes do you work out in?"  But straight up what kind of shoes do you LIFT in?

Lifters talk a big game about their dedication and how hard they work.  But often they leave little details undiscussed, unacknowledged or just plain ignored.   And the foot department is one of them.

Now, debates rage on and on about footwear and such, so what is clear is that a lot of opinions exist.  In the end, following sage advice from, um . . . from . . . well, from "sages" of lifting is the best you can do.

Enter this article.  Snooped this awesome article about lifting shoes from John Duncan (who himself snooped it off of Lift Big Eat Big).  The PhysiQademy loves to Snoop on things that are concisely written and most of all CITED!  We STRONGLY recommend you check out the two resources cited in this article after you read and digest the main article.  

While this one piece can not end an ongoing debate, the article at least has grainy pics of massive 70's dudes with mustaches lifting while their shirts are off – which we all know is gold standard of article presentation.