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Happy N.E.W.S. Day, Ladies! (Ok, ok – and also to gents, too.)

Rarely has gender parity in sport been so freaking fun!

New England Women of Strength (N.E.W.S.) has a deep sister tie with the Next Level and PhysiQademy, and what this incredibly fun organization brings to the world of competition in New England (and arguably across the country) is irreplaceable and exciting.  

And today – 2-22 – is considered "N.E.W.S. Day."  The organization is one year old and started from the dreams of a few women – most notably Gina Melnik and Gina Cravedi – to have an organization that helps promote and gather into meaningful community the women who love lifting and competing in strength competition.  


What started as a fun idea has literally exploded, and seems to have no prediction of slowing up!  Which proves two things simultaneously: a lot more women – like A FREAKING LOT more – are interested in serious, hardcore lifting for it's own enjoyment than the "industry" and the popular pundits might have you believe.  And also this is proof that the need for vibrant, active (and fun) community among such women was long over due.  

It's beyond us why it is so hard for some cave-dwellers to understand that women might enjoy heavy lifting for it's own sake, as opposed to only as a means to some appearance end-goal.  That attitude is a myth, and under the mighty (and fun – did we mention fun?) charge of N.E.W.S., such thinking will grow gradually more extinct in lifting communities.  It's not so much that the women "have arrived" as it is  that they always belonged but were perhaps more marginalized in lifting sports than most noticed.

N.E.W.S. offers these words of encouragement and suggestion for N.E.W.S. Day:

Consider doing something special this week to honor N.E.W.S. Day, Feb 22nd. (E.g., Learn something new related to training or sports nutrition, share your own knowledge/experience with someone that wants to learn from you, build strongwoman community, try a new event or go after a new PR during training, set a new goal and make a plan to go after it, fire up your passions by doing something that inspires you to be a better athlete...)
What will you do? 

Well, I, for one, know I am now ready to go attack the best thing in life! 

Happy Birthday, N.E.W.S.!