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If you love it, don't just do it. KEEP doing it. No matter what.

The works of poet, author, Buddhist and all around awsome-voiced teacher, Alan Watts, have been a profound influence on XN's coaching ideas (and on his life outlook) for many years.  Indeed, a few major theories of PhysiQademy and Next Level coaching were derivatives of Watts' words.

This video of an excerpt from one of Watts' lectures was making it's rounds on the interwebs a few months prior to this post, yet is so constantly current it need not be posted with the trends.  

Most people don't immediately see the connection between the soulful urging of Watts and the craft of bodybuilding and lifting.  Yet, if you are a bodybuilder, a lifter, or an athlete who is in mad love with your pursuit, yet think you "must" do "something else" for your living, please watch.

Meanwhile, if you are an artist (and really, all of us are), do not lose faith in the power of your craft merely because society has lost faith in it.

And if you are a human being, let these words drift into your consciousness a bit, swirl around, and see what pops up.

Without knowing I, all the athletes ever involved with The Next Level of PhsyiQademy all owe a bit of gratitude to Mr. Watts.  And what's amazing are his teachings are still as fresh and applicable today as ever.