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OFFENSE-WATCH: Vile assholes reveal themselves discussing Bodybuilder/Cheerleader Anna Watson

If the reactions of the idiots to a young, ambitious Anna Watson – a bodybuilder-cheerleader from the University of Georgia – don't piss you off, we suggest you go back to your cryogenic chamber and await for the next Nazi regime to return.  

While these twits try to validate their dark, medieval opinions (which most of the time don't just veer into bullying, but outright define the term) behind a tediously thin veil of "insight," they end up making themselves look far more disgusting than the women they idiotically claim is offensive.  

My stomach turned in the first seconds (literally) of this video.  The sheer insensitivity which they try to pass off as intelligence represents an ignorance many would imagine is a thing of the past.

The woman whom they discuss – a cheerleader and competitive bodybuilder – is clearly a success at both of her pursuits.  Rather than investigate the uniqueness of her feats, the people hosting the video try to validate their bizarre and unconscionable assault by offering their own perspectives as "evidence" that there is something "wrong" with this clearly hard working woman.

Women with the drive in athletics are already so derided that the promotion of such inexcusable opinions should arouse fiery anger in us all.  One need not be a gender studies export nor born-again feminist to know that the real monsters in this video are the assholes who are doing the talking, not the woman who is trying to live her life happily.

Their final, juvenile attempt to appear even marginally solvent is by invoking a false veneer of morality around the use of steroids.  Their argument fails in when they only reveal their own naiveté. Many women achieve this build – and more – without any pharmaceutical help. Anna Watson's achievements should be heralded as a remarkable accomplishment of dedication and hard work.  

Yet these boneheads try to suggest Watson is in the wrong because she may not achieve the ultimate goals for women: becoming a model or fitting into a pair of jeans.  Truly, those are two achievements that should rightfully be at the top of any woman's list of life accomplishments – anything beyond that a woman should be shamed for – at least according to these two wretched fucks.

Excuse me.  I have to go vomit again.  

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