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Run. Breathe. Move. Sun.

Best of Boston 2012's Yoga Instructor Goldie K and November Project's Brogan Graham teamed up and created one of the coolest run+yoga concepts ever. The project was called Yoga.Run. They mashed the athletes from different ages and athl backgrounds into one, badass, and very fun group and then the whole shebang went to Cozumel, Mexico to breathe it out, run it out and move it all about.

The organizers know their stuff.  Both Goldie and Brogan are Lululemon Ambassadors, yet personally both share a  passion for yoga, running, moving, breathing and general coolness.  Last spring Goldie lead an 800 person strong yoga class right in the middle of Boston's Copley Square in celebration of a new Lululemon location on nearby Newbury Street. 

And if it looks right up your alley, you're in luck, because they are planning Yoga.Run.2 that will be later this summer/fall in a new (wild) location

And if travel isn't quite in the budget and you're local to Boston, you're in double luck.  Brogan and Goldie are combining powers for a giant outdoor run/yoga event that is going to be a hit with athletes in the hundreds, and will be right in the Hub City.

And Boston is JUST like Cozumel, right?  EVERYONE'S A WINNER!