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Looks to me more like the Year of the PYTHONS!

Happy Chinese New Year!
This year is the Year Of The Snake.  
But I'm betting for a lot of folks in The Next Level and the PhtysiQademy it will be more like the Year of the PYTHONS!!

In Chinese Astrology, the Snake is considered a fire sign.  Let the explosives begin!

Also, Snakes are known for seeming calm on the surface, but have raging passions hidden within!  Don't assume how you are up front is how you have to be all the time – this year let the passions fly!

However, Snakes tend to also be solitary – to their own detriment, as often they end up unhealthily isolated.  So remain independent, but LISTEN TO YOUR COACHES AND MENTORS!  Weigh suggestion from your peers and teams!  While it's good to accomplish things with your own skills, isolation is not the goal.

But goals are what the Snake is all about.  Determined and unrelenting, the Snake is the sign of goal accomplishment.  This is the year to get the six pack, lose the club, and (you saw it coming) get those PYTHONS pumped!

Whether you buy into astrology or not, anything that can help motivate the mind's imagination is a boon.  (A deficit of imagination is one flaw of the astrological Snake . . . ) So while you may not buy it all the way, the suggestions which come from the Chinese New year are as favorable and fortuitous as any common sense could yield!

Make it a HISS-toric year!

(groan . . . )