The Next Level is actually part of a bigger peer-learning organization called the PhysiQademy.  Check out their site (www.PhysiQademy.net) to learn how The Next Level fits in to a bigger picture, and how the PhysiQademy benefits from the brilliant work of Next Level athletes.

If you are compelled by what you see among the Next Level teams, yet are not quite ready for competition in the physique sport, then the PhysiQademy has a program more suited to your needs.

Likewise, if you are an athlete in another sport seeking coaching and resources, the PhysiQademy can help design a meaningful advancement program for your competitive needs.

There's pretty much nothing the resources of the PhysiQademy won't tackle.  From beginners to advanced to unique ideas never thought of before, the PhysiQademy is where new methods are created.  Including their coolest one yet: The Next Level.