The Payoff: Learning from the Next Level Athletes

The athletes, coaches and resources of The Next Level agree to three laws prior to enrolling on a team.  Law #1 is "don't waste my time."  Law #2 is "we can't help unless you show up and explain yourself in detail."

But the third law that really makes us kick ass.  it is arguably what sets our community apart from other communities interested in lifting and physique sports:


You will gain something from this experience.  That something will have value; many values.  
It is up to you to figure out that value and pay forward at least that amount.  
It might be directly back into your sport, or may be in some way we have not yet imagined.

This series, The Payoff, is one of the many places where Next Level athletes and resources "pay forward" the gifts they have received.  

Next Level philosophy believes that our real worth is so much more than just personal victories.  Here, our athletes, coaches and resources take lessons from what they have gained and pass it forward to you.