Coach XN's famous standpoint is that he is "not anti-steroids, just anti-stupidity." The comment is intended to compel thought on the issue itself, rather than boil the subject down to ineffective binary epithets.  Too often the subject is oversimplified; steroids are vilified or pardoned as if the choice to use them were as isolated as selecting a flavor of ice cream.  

On June 9, 2014, long-time Boston PBS head journalist Emily Rooney approached the topic of steroid use in reaction to the murder confession of Jared Remy, son of famed entrepreneur and former Red Sox player Jerry Remy.  Many declared the murder related to be profoundly influenced by psychological side-ffects of Jared's prolonged steroid use.  The issue of "can steroids map you nuts" and "why do people choose to use PEDs (performance-enhancing-drugs)" once again raised, and Emily Rooney sought to gain insight.

Christian was brought in alongside Dr. Gary Siperstein of UMass, a strong advocate for the prevention of steroid use among teens.  The two began a discussion of the motives behind steroids, yet the segment was far too short to get all their points and counterpoints on the air.  Nonetheless, it was a compelling segment, and a refreshingly intelligent look at the issues surrounding the choice to use steroids or not.