​Head Coach and Next Level founder Christian Matyi – a/k/a "XN" – gives notoriously complex answers to even the most simple of questions.  He'd always rather you "think more" than "know more." So you can only imagine what'll happen when there wasn't any question even asked . . . 

You never know what his many years of coaching will inspire him to claim as "relevant" to your progress. 


You're not burnt out. You're in a bad relationship.

The thrill of the commitment can be invigorating, but like any well, it can run dry.  We mustn't keep trying to draw from it just because the first sip was so refreshing. If you want to "have it easy" and "just let it flow as it will," then you have to accept that it can flow right into the gutter.

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To succeed, you need to plan a "then what?"

So many people talk to me with great concerns of winning.  And I often respond flatly and simply, with: "Well, if everything goes well, and you do indeed win, so what?  Then what?"

Smaller-minded people are quick hear this as me bashing the idea of winning.  But because folks like us want to focus on improvement over time, it is apt to let this comment be the launching point for any plan you have that you want to succeed.

if success is a concern for you, please have a listen.  And please leave comment below with your thoughts and responses!



Your gains are not your gym's snow day priority.

Working out is neither a right nor a necessity.  It is a leisure activity.  Yet still, those of us who achieve enviable goals often slack on their human courtesy.   In your eagerness to achieve your gains, are you losing social courtesy in the name of social regard?  

After the record-breaking snows of Boston's Winter of '15, Coach XN looks at how the hubris of the deeply-commtted takes over regardless of harm to others.

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Competing to gain is better than competing to win.

Why are you competing?  No really, why?  I mean, if you're not competing in a contest any time soon, this question may not seem to apply to you.  Unless, of course, you're instead trying to get a better job.  Or a good grade.  Or jockey for attention of a mate.  Yeah, most of us are kind of competing.

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The misuse of the word "aesthetics" is an aesthetic, brah. Sorry, Zyzz.

Barely-known, self-made, D-tier fitness celebrity Zyzz symbolizes the "permission" for guys to fuck up via their ego-masturbation and get away with it.  So why has his name persisted, even if only in small circles?

On the third anniversary of this guy's death due to excesses in partying and pride, the 22-year-old persists as an internet subculture meme and an iconic figure many young hopefuls admire – or "mire," as he termed it.  Maybe it wasn't because he has a great body but rather because he represents an entry point into topics we usually are starving to discuss.

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