​Head Coach and Next Level founder Christian Matyi – a/k/a "XN" – gives notoriously complex answers to even the most simple of questions.  He'd always rather you "think more" than "know more." So you can only imagine what'll happen when there wasn't any question even asked . . . 

You never know what his many years of coaching will inspire him to claim as "relevant" to your progress. 


The official Next Level Coaching Staff word on CrossFit


Remember those idiots who would stand around arguing about creatine?  How much of their mental resources they expended that could have been used for research and informed opinion-building?

Yeah, we do too.

The official word on CrossFit is this:

Shut up.

Okay that's two words.  (Does hyphenation count as making two words one?  I forget.)

But the point is: the arguments have officially jumped the shark.  They are officially more distracting – and thus damaging for progress – than the pursuit over which folks argue.

Our official stance is shut the fuck up, do your homework, experience things with logical safety planning and get back to work.

Whatever damn work you are currently doing.