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You never know what his many years of coaching will inspire him to claim as "relevant" to your progress. 


Strength athletes and bodybuilders on steroids stand for nothing.

Amazing how little the guys on steroids and recreational enhancement drugs stand for.

Yet they are so fond of their "accomplishments."  
These powerful men love to have their image and their work right up in the faces of anyone who will pay attention.  
They love to brag about their lift numbers, or their body's shape.
They love to win prizes and earn titles.
They love the attention.
All that they do thrusts them into our eyes.  
Yet while they stand before the crowds, they meanwhile almost never stand for anything.
Maybe for vanity.
Maybe for excess.
But they rarely stand in their spotlights for anything that has substantial benefit for the vary same audience they coveted.

Sometimes they make pathetic claims that they "seek to inspire others."  Yet that is just a cover story; they get people excited, but the few they inspire are really just inspired to do the same selfish trick. 

And sometimes they try to claim they are beyond social judgement because it is "a personal choice," as if their use of drugs doesn't concern anyone but themselves.  However, any public act is inherently not private.  What you paint the inside of your house is personal; but what your neighbors see you paint on the outside affects the value of their property as well.   Steroid-driven strength and size is absolutely a public dialogue.  Nothing private about it.  Nothing "personal" about making a public display.

So then sometimes they try to bolster their image by spouting disingenuous morality, claiming to be spokespeople for virtues.  Yet these statements, are ad hoc; just ideas stapled on "after the fact."  These things are not at all the basis of their choice behind using the drugs or reaching their goals.  

All the while their enhanced bodies and feats build such grand audiences, they meanwhile do little to sway these audiences towards anything good, anything substantial or anything sustainable.  It's all vain, petty and short-sighted.  They have the power of the podium yet say little of value to the people.

The guys on steroids stand for nothing.

And this is what drives me to push all of us – even those who do not use the drugs – to set forth examples of heroism, not just examples of achievement.  

We must stand for something before we act, not try to promote something after we've acted.
And so rarely do the people who use the chemicals start out standing for something greater than their own desirous lust for a goal.

Where are those who will forsake the craving for for titles, trophies, fame and adoration in the name of a greater purpose?  In the name of benevolent benefit towards their fellow man?

And can a strong body with a majestic image even do any of that, anyway?
Can the mighty sway the masses towards anything other than might?


Yes they can.

Yet they don't.

And so sadly we are just inundated with examples of the opposite.
Men of might and scale who shout so much, show so much and claim so much
yet say very, very little.

Little people with big flesh.
Little minds with big objects.
Little impact from such big output.

And this amazes me.  
It amazes me how little the guys on steroids and enhancement drugs stand for.

I don't feel anger towards them.
I feel shame for them.  

And that  reminds me of shame from my own life.
And that makes me want to heal.
And that makes me want to work.
And that makes me want to show how work can stand for something noble
not something nifty.

And I await the day the heroes emerge from the armies of the vain
and use their strength and imagery
to cause such effects
without us having to correct their homework for them.

Nothing wrong with being big.
Nothing wrong with building strength.
Nothing wrong with an image that excites.
Unless it doesn't stand for anything other than a self-indulgence.

Then it's a waste.

Stand for something.
Stand for something great and good.
Use your power to guide, not indulge.

And get off the fucking drugs.  
They serve little purpose to any meaningful cause,
they serve shortsighted purposes
and they undermine your ultimate ability to be great anyway.

Stand for something.

And amaze us all.