​Head Coach and Next Level founder Christian Matyi – a/k/a "XN" – gives notoriously complex answers to even the most simple of questions.  He'd always rather you "think more" than "know more." So you can only imagine what'll happen when there wasn't any question even asked . . . 

You never know what his many years of coaching will inspire him to claim as "relevant" to your progress. 


The Dot & Mr. Miller: Maybe The Steroid-Free Guys Really ARE Steroid-Free

Doug Miller's size and leanness baffle most people's ability to believe he is drug free.

Watch this video.  The workshop wasn't trying to prove anything.  We weren't even taking a hard agenda that "steroids are wrong" or "bodybuilding is full of liars."  We were merely discussing what makes something credible.  And that is a topic that so few of us in life ever really breach, much less any of us in bodybuilding. 

But that idea was at the center of a recent meeting of the Next Level's Spring 2015 team.  And at the epicenter of the discussion was guy named named Doug Miller.  

Take 20 minutes and watch the workshop as it unfolded.  It has some interesting ideas that we were eager to share with you all.  It's rare that organized discussions like this can take place on this topic, so we wanted to engage you all with us.

Even more impressive in person, if you can believe it.

Doug Miller is probably someone most of you don't know.  I don't really know him either.  But Mr. Miller has the kind of body that is so thickly muscled and so unbelievably lean that most of us presume he is on steroids.  And it would be fine to do so, except for one little conflict to that presumption: Doug Miller is the #1 guy in a professional drug-free bodybuilding league, the IFPA (International Federation of Physique Athletes).

A model Coach XN Used to help understand how a person like Doug Miller could look so much like a steroid user but not actually be one.

Most people struggle to believe Doug Miller's body could be created without the use of some sort of synthetic interference.  Even though he seems to hold up under current scrutiny and the testing of bodybuilding leagues (which some find shoddy, and thus not admissible as testimony), people still can't quite believe his body could be achieved without pharmaceutical enhancement.  

Workshops like this are commonplace for Next Level teams; we think that open dialogues on vital issues are vital for growth in any arena.  These kinds of workshops are commonplace; more responsible athletes are better athletes, and being able to engage challenging topics helps engender a responsibility towards them

Another portion of the workshop is also here in this post.  It holds a few other clever little ideas we discussed.  

Only time will tell if we have found another fraud, or a truly unique individual.

Only time will tell if we have found another fraud, or a truly unique individual.

And in the end, is Doug Miller truly drug-free?  He claims so much, and there are many sources of support for his claim.  So that is how we all have to operate.  But is this claim believable, or do we have another Lance Armstrong on our hand?  Only time will tell.  For now, all we can do is use the topic as the launching point for constructive discussions on the topic.