On our Calendar(s) of Events, we list handy tools for our athletes to help them categorize the contests they are evaluation.  We take our collective experiences with literally hundreds of contests and create broadly-stroked categories to help describe a contest's content.  Below you will find a Glossary of the terms we use in these categories.

Remember: an athlete should always conduct their own research into a contest, and ask lots of specific questions of the promoters and those who are familiar with the event long prior to their attendance.


Easy: This event shouldn't intimidate anyone who is prepared.

Challenging: This event should be prepared for well, but should not be daunting

Difficult: This event should not be under-estimated; may be conquerable by those who are accomplished, but could still defeat a well-prepared athlete.

Intimidating: This event will challenge all types of athletes, even the most experienced and prepared.

Scary: The very accomplished and high-achievers would be challenged in this event.  


Free: No cost (highly unusual).

Cheap: Below the normal price-point for a contest.

Moderate: Typical price-point for a contest like this.

Pricey: A little more expensive than what an athlete might typically expects to pay for a contest like this.

Expensive: High-priced, potentially to the point of being prohibitive.


Some contests, if won, allow an athlete to advance to a higher level opt competition or gain pro-level status.