The form at right is what gets the ball rolling.  (Before submitting, please make sure you have familiarized yourself with the basics of the program.)

Remember: submitting this form is not a commitment.  This is just your way of introducing yourself and letting us know you'd like to be considered for an upcoming team. (If you are not local to Massachusetts or the Greater Boston area, click here to get onto an Online Team.)There is a lot to be sorted out, and we want this to be a good mutual fit.  

Within a week of submission you will receive contact from a Head Coach.  He will answer your questions and also share what your potential team has to offer.  Think of it as an informal interview; a coach and athlete getting to know one another to see if there is a good fit or not.

Meanwhile, remember that this process is a two way street.  We want this to work for you.  You need to learn just as much about us as we are interested in you.  

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• 18+ years of age
• Local to Boston, MA (or capable of  getting to Boston on a regular basis)
• Engaged in consistent, plan-based gym training for at least 18+ months
• Doctor's approval
• If enrolled in college, carrying a minimum of 3.0 GPA


• Teams form once or twice a year, typically in the winter and end of the summer, depending on the number of interested athletes.  

• If we don't have the numbers for a full team, we wait a few months to continue recruiting.

• Each team is limited to 6 to 10 individuals.  The assembly process can take a few weeks to a couple months.  But it starts with a conversation.

• Not everyone will be placed on a team right away.  The key to each team is starting with a solid mix of athletes.  While there's no predicting a successful team bond, we meanwhile do our best to build teams based on how prospective athletes "fit" together.  Your personality and temperament are just as important to eligibility as are your experience and the shape you are in.  We apologize in advance if we can't place you on the upcoming team for any reason.  Feel free to check with us again in the future.

The Basics About You
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Details About Your Training & Diet History
What got you started lifting? When did you make the most gains? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Give us a few (VERY brief) details on your training and diet history.What got you started lifting? When did you make the most gains? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Competitive Aspirations *
One primary aspect to the Next Level Experience is competition. Whether bodybuilding or strength, what is your experience with competition up to this point?
Please tell us what your main physique goals are (if you haven't yet already mentioned them elsewhere).
Got any questions? Something we should know? Have you competed in the past? Just feel like chatting?