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Bodybuilder Markus Ricci on Two Magazine Covers For Feb 2014

The Cover of DNA Magazine, February 2014

Next Level alumnus Markus Ricci is a bodybuilder first.  But he is also a model.  

The ranks of bodybuilding are filled with starstruck, hopeful young men who think they will someday be "discovered" and put in magazines.  The sad truth is only a small percentage ever are.  Muscular guys with terrific bodies are dime a dozen in the modeling world, and not a few dreams are quickly squelched when the reality of the file settles in.

Yet Markus has drive and talent beyond the average bodybuilder – not to mention some mind-boggling genetics on his side.  He has parlayed his love of bodybuilding to a successful modeling carer.

This past February 2014 Markus landed himself on the cover of two national magazines.  The cover is really the highest magazine achievement, and it looks like Markus's lot of bodybuilding has helps him pave his way to grab accomplishments off the stage.

Nice work, Markus.

From Markus' photo shoot in the February 2014 DNA MAgazine.

The cover of Wire Magazine, February 2014.

The cover of Wire Magazine, February 2014.