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BODYBUILDING PRO Jesse Wilson earns ANOTHER pro card

A tale of two coaches: Jesse was on of XN's first athletes, and is now a per and resource for The Next Level.  We're proud to have been any part of this incredible man's remarkable career!

It was an exciting win this weekend at the 2014 OCB Spirit Of America Bodybuilding Competition for The Next Level's longest active athlete, Jesse Wilson from 2004's Team Phi.  He had won a pro card in the 2011 NGA Granite State Bodybuilding Competition, and now earned his second pro card with the OCB!

Jesse is not just an alumnus, but also one of our favorite resources and most consistent sage of information and training expertise, Jesse has been an inspiration for countless Next Level athletes.  Given one of the rare Next Level scholarships a decade ago, Jesse has gone far beyond what any of us expected of true "Pay It Forward Law" of our program, and is currently the owner of a terrific training company, Ignite Fitness Development.   

It is impossible to express the profundity of gratitude our program has for Jesse's continued participation, support and motivation of our athletes.  We would not be who we are were we not blessed to have this remarkable man among our midst.  It is rare that a bodybuilder stands for very much or is known for their integrity of purpose and nobility of intention; which is precisely what makes Jesse stand out among all competitors!  The win is truly merited!

Congratulations, Jesse!  And thank you a thousand times!


Jesse places first in the Men's Open "Medium Tall" Class.