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Congrats & good luck to the Next Level Alumni competing at the Schwarzenegger

The Next Level is often the launching pad for athletes into the competitive sports. While our mission is to help athletes with a passion for lifting and muscle sports parlay their talents and skills into greater projects in the bigger world, we meanwhile also love when that interest in competition reveals an athlete of exceptional quality.  And how humbling and cool is it that two of our alumni have worked so hard that they are competing in what is arguably the single largest and most reknown strength and muscle sports competition on the planet.

Gina Melnik (The Drive(n), 2008), an amazing resource to The Next Level has always represented the mission of our work, and herself has co-founded the incredible women's lifting organization, N.E.W.S. (New England Women of Strength).  Meanwhile, barely a year after having her first child, there she is competing at the Arnold Sports Festival alongside some of the best in the world!

Meanwhile, Nick Cambi (Wolfpack, 2012) is also competing at the Arnold.  few drug-free athletes can train hard enough and long enough to have their personal gifts and talents fully expressed to the extent of competing alongside those who choose drugs to further their competitive progress.  "The Cambi" is simply remarkable competitor who represents dedication and patience.

Good luck to both of these amazing athletes this weekend!  You make us proud to just know you guys!