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STRONGMAN: Congrats to Next Level Alumni competing in the StrongMan Nationals tomorrow!

We often remark: "the best results will not come for athletes while on a Next Level team, but afterward." While so many of our alumni athletes embody this look-to-what's-possible-next philosophy, some really shine in their accomplishments.

And this year we are wishing best of luck and godspeed to three such high-achievers who we're humbly flattered to have been connected with "way back when." Seems our alumni will be competing on the national stage at the StrongMan Nationals tomorrow (as of the time of this post).

Gina Melnik (The Drive(n), 2008), Ryan Aruck (The Beast, 2011), and Nick Cambi (Wolfpack, 2012) are all out in Reno, Nevada and prepping for their big day tomorrow.

Guys, the ranks of The Next Level — indeed, of the whole PhysiQulture Collaborative — are ecstatic for you! Just being there is an accomplishment in different ways for each of you (even though you perpetually make it seem easy!). We're humbled, honored and flattered to have been on any part of your remarkable paths!

Now go tear shit up! We're looking forward to hearing the highlights!

(Oh, and equal congrats and luck sent to some of our closer allies who will be there as well! (We're looking at you, Gina and Dawn, as well as a handful of other friends!) We know you'll smash it up!!!)